Large range of Granite, Marble and Travertine slabs in Malaga

Limestone and Sandstone


Limestone is a sedimentary rock which is formed with the limy parts of such organisms as corals, algae, clams and snails. Limestone may be pure white or grey to dark in colouring. As sandstone and limestones have a sandy like appearance this allows the material to be somewhat forgiving in low traffic areas. The amazing fossils found in limestone also add character and feature to any application. Natural work of art!


Travertine is a traditional natural stone that adds a sense of homeliness and warmth to any application. Due to its appeal, performance, durability, forgiving character (in both cross cut and vein cut, both slabs and tiles)  travertine is a very popular choice for customers. Suitable for internal applications such as flooring, vanity tops, and cladding or external feature wall cladding and paving.


 Granite is a natural stone suitable to stand the test of time. Homeowners favour the durability, finishes available, low maintenance characteristics that granite has to offer. Available in a variety of colours  and grain size depending on the mineral types contained in the stone. Most commonly used for Kitchen work surfaces, splashbacks, vanity tops and Alfresco tops.


Marble is one of the most lavish and elegant natural stone options available. Marble has been the material of choice for designers, architects and artists around the world because of its unique veining, colouring and impressive variety. The wide range on offer will help create a work of classical art, luxury, sophistication as well as add value to your property wether its for a vanity top, flooring, work surface or cladding installation


Onyx is the natural stone that offers high end luxury. Its a stone renowned for its extreme elegance and vividness. Considered as a precious stone onyx is the most aw -inspiring feature stone because of its ability to be backlit/transparent. Colours range from white silky tones to rich grey and blacks. Used mainly as a feature stone Onyx provides a wonderful artist look to any application.  


Basalt is a volcanic rock formed from the raid cooling of lava. Generally grey or black in colour basalt is commonalty used for external applications in cobblestone and paver form. Monotone colouring allows basalt to be favourable for consistent feature wall cladding well suited in todays design trends.


Quartzite is a hard, non-foliated metamorphic rock which was originally pure quartz sandstone. Sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually related to tectonic compression within organic  belts. The quality of the quartz particles combined with the heat and pressure often result in a quartzite that is also acid resistant. If in doubt about which quartzites  are acid resistant, please check with our showroom staff. Surface finishes include, polished, honed and brushed.