Granite, Marble & Travertine Stone Slabs in Perth

Limestone and Sandstone

Known for its versatility, limestone is a sedimentary rock traditionally formed from the limy parts of organisms such as coral, algae, clams and snails. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use in paver form.  Limestone and Sandstone slabs can also be used in innovative ways such as for mantle pieces or feature wall cladding. Contrary to what its name suggests, limestone is available in pure whites, greys and dark shades, making it the ideal material for tiles or pavers. The unique fossils found in limestone also add character to any application – they’re truly a natural work of art!


Commonly mistaken for marble or limestone, travertine is a traditional natural stone that adds a sense of homeliness and warmth to any application. Many modern home designs are now using travertine stone slabs in Perth because of its appeal, performance, durability and forgiving character, (in both cross cut and vein cut slabs and tiles). With its elegant natural lines, travertine is a very popular choice for customers. Common ways to use travertine include internal applications such as flooring, vanity tops and cladding. It can also be used for external wall features, cladding and paving.


Granite is a beautiful natural stone with the strength and durability to withstand some of the toughest climates. Although it’s an extremely resilient material, its low maintenance nature is what makes our granite slabs in Perth one of our most popular choices for home and business owners. Browse through any interior design magazine and you’ll notice that granite slabs are most commonly used for high traffic areas including kitchen work surfaces, splashbacks, vanity tops and alfresco tops. In addition to this, it’s versatility sees no limits when it comes to innovative applications. Granite has been used in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as commercial floor tiles and much more. Available in a wide range of colours with varying grain size and finishes you’re sure to find the perfect granite slab for your next project. 


Marble is one of the most lavish and elegant natural stone options available on the market today. It has been the material of choice for designers, architects and artists around the world because of its distinct veins, subtle colours and impressive versatility. It’s renowned for its class and timeless nature. Once installed, marble can transform even the dullest of rooms into sophisticated spaces. Commonly seen in kitchens and bathrooms as flooring, splashbacks, benchtops, vanities, cladding and more, our marble slabs are a perfect addition to any home. Installing marble in and around your home is an easy way to add an element of style, attract potential buyers or simply impress your friends and family. Dramatically change the look and feel of your home or business and explore our wide range of marble slabs in Perth today. 


Due to its impressive structure and unique finish, onyx is one of our natural stone materials best suited to homes wishing to achieve a high calibre look and feel. Considered a precious stone, onyx is one of our most awe inspiring feature stones mainly because of its versatile transparency, allowing it to be backlit. Onyx is a stone renowned for its extreme elegance and vividness of colours ranging from; white silky tones, to rich greys and blacks. The clouded appearance embodies shapes and patterns similar to an abstract landscape painting or far away planet. Used mainly as a feature stone, onyx can easily transform simple spaces into wonderful artistic compositions, including bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and more. 


Basalt is a volcanic rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava. Surprisingly, this rock is also found in the underlain surface on the Moon, Mars, Venus and other asteroids. Generally grey or black in colour, our basalt slabs in Perth are commonly used for external applications in the form of cobblestones and pavers. The monotone colouring of our basalt slabs in Perth make it a desired choice for home and business owners seeking a modern look and feel. 


When sandstone experiences high pressure and extreme heat, a hard, foliated rock is formed called quartzite. Commonly mistaken for marble, quartzite is available in a beautiful combination of soft monochromatic tones. Not only is the subtlety of quartzite favoured by modern designers, architects and home owners today, but some quartzite also has the added benefit of being acid resistant. If in doubt, please check with our showroom staff. Our quartzite is also available in polished, honed and brushed variations. If you’re looking for the perfect quartzite for your home or business, come visit us instore or contact us for more information.