Natural Stone Tiles in Perth

A Malaga home renovated with our natural stone tiles








Zuccari: Offering a Variety of Natural Stone Tiles and Slabs since 2009

Stone; you probably don’t spend that much time considering it, but take a look around you. Stone is everywhere. It’s in our flooring, our kitchens and bathrooms. It’s on the outside of our houses and buildings. It’s in the landscape around us, everywhere we go.

Here at Zuccari we’re a little bit obsessed with all things stone. We have travelled the world learning our trade, in order to build a comprehensive company that specialises in stone. We pass this knowledge onto you, our customers, and pride ourselves that no-one else shares our expertise.

Being a slab wholesaler our products include slabs, tiles, natural stone tiles, natural stone slabs, wall cladding and paving. We offer services in flooring for kitchens and bathrooms, cladding and landscaping. We also offer detailed advice on stone maintenance and can advise you on stone masons and tilers specialised for perfect result.




The Zuccari Life